2016-08-06 – Slaveauction


let’s start the bidding people Auctioneer: the third inferior white to be auctioned today is stock number 5671341.

untrained, possible breeding stock . sperm testing results show fair to good sperm. iq lower then average inferior white.

education poor.

s you can see folks all body hair and pubes have been permanently removed.

Not that it had too much as you see from its age it only had pubes for a few years so now it again is back to a hairless state.

prick has been pierced as you see.

From intake testing its erections are weak and longer then average time to achieve a partial erection so probably will only need a small cock cage and if you purchase it the auction house will provide you a custom fit one at no charge.

slave keep those legs apart.

spread them more so the potential buyers can see your balls clearly.

good boy.

Now lets hear the first bid

biete mich an an

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