2016-08-07 – „GUIDE” for subs


This is a “GUIDE” for subs more than anything…   All Masters will disagree with some aspects of this chart…  it is provided for subs to use as a starting point for correctly identifying their category/identity.   Technically all of the categories are “subs” though i listed “sub generic” to use as a comparison to specific sub types.  Not all sub types are listed, however the main ones are.  I see a lot of subs getting confused between FAG, BOI, & SLAVE…. this chart should help them to understand the primary differences.   There is no reason why a sub cannot identify with multiple categories… eg.. being a pup/fag  or a slave/boi etc… That happens a lot and is openly encouraged… 






Good education tool, although what i particularly like is the Masters statement that a sub can identify with multiple categories. As it states on my profile i can and have served in all these ways. As a sub i really get off on feeding the power and pleasure of the Master, submitting. Its the control i crave, being forced or ordered to do the things i don’t ‘like’ can be the biggest turn on of all. Whether its licking out a dirty ashtray, having my throat abused with cock til its raw, being slapped and called a useless cunt, or kissed and told i’m a good boy. Spending the day cleaning His house or tied to the toilet to take His shit. its all about the control, all about obeying His word without question. so i’d encourage most subs not to feel the need to put themselves into one box unless they know it naturally fits. It also opens up a lot more possibilities of which type of Dom you can serve, there are many different categories of those too!

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