2017-04-27 – NOT NEEDED


Master often leaves it chained when it NOT NEEDED or busy with more important activities.


(Post 15/15)

To pig, this looks like a collar. But look at that nice short chain. There’s no way a slave object could sit upright while it’s locked in that collar and chained to that post right near the floor.

And that’s not a complaint. pig can totally see a Master having various places around His home where He might have installed little ways to get His property out of the way. Something quick and handy that doesn’t take a lot of effort to get the slave into and which is completely effective.

pig keeps trying to imagine the gyrations a slave object might go through when chained to the floor by a short chain to its collar. it can’t sit up, maybe it can slouch down? But that wouldn’t be comfortable for very long. The object could kneel down in something of a fetal position for a while until its legs went numb. So most likely it would have to just lay on its back, or on one side, then the other. Staying low the floor, lowly like the object with no status that it is. Forced to look up at everything if allowed to do so. That’s animal keeping isn’t it? :-p woof

yes SIR

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