2017-05-11 – list 15 reasons, why fags are inferior to straight alphas!




Below are 15 reasons (of the many hundreds) of reasons why faggots are inferior to Alpha Males:

  1. faggots are incapable of performing the basic human function
    of procreation to ensure the continued existence of the human race unlike Alpha Males where this comes naturally

  2. faggots are incapable of independent thought or action whereas Alpha Males think and act how They want all the time

  3. faggots are just objects to be used and abused while Alpha Males perform a genuine role in, and add value to, society as a whole

  4. faggots are obsessed with Alpha Male Cock and cannot think clearly about anything else preventing them from functioning normally on other tasks.  Alpha Males while they think about sex a lot a capable of focusing on other things

  5. faggots exist to be used and abused whereas Alpha Males exist and act for Their own reasons (which often include using and abusing faggots)

  6. faggots crave humiliation and degradation whereas Alpha Males have pride in Themselves and take pleasure in Their actions

  7. faggots consider themselves sub-human objects with no rights or privileges whereas society places Alpha Males at the pinnacle as rulers of the world

  8. faggots are essentially mindless automata or robots that are set tasks to complete that are clearly defined whereas an Alpha Male is a creative, thinking human being that is above mundane tasks suitable for faggots and in capable of great thins

  9. faggots exist is a world of rules and protocols whereas Alpha Males live in world of freedoms and privileges that benefits Their status

  10. A faggot never speaks or dares to express an opinion as it knows it will not be listened to a risks severe punishment whereas an Alpha Male speaks and expresses His opinions all the time secure in the knowledge the world with listen to, and agree with, Him

  11. faggot’s only ambition is to serve and be of some limited use to another Man,  An Alpha Male is free to dream, aspire to and achieve great things

  12. A faggot thinks piss is something you drink whereas an Alpha Males knows it is a waste product that is really is fit only for the toilet, the ground or the sewer hole mouth of a faggot

  13. A faggot thinks a cage is a luxurious home whereas an Alpha Male thinks a cage is where you keep an animal when you have no use for it

  14. A faggot is a sexless hole looking to be used for sex gratification of others whereas is an Alpha Male is sex on legs looking for holes to use for His own pleasure and amusement

  15. faggots could not exist without Alpha Males to use them and put them in their place whereas Alpha Males have no need of faggots to remain as Superior Alphas


faggot slave matt

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