2017-10-23 – D/s or M/s contract


Sample elements of a D/s or M/s contract (feel free to critique or to suggest other elements)

  • The slave will always show his Master the highest level of respect.
  • The slave will never embarrass his Master.
  • The slave shall address the Master as “Sir” or “Master” at all times unless given permission to do otherwise, and shall address the Master with respect at all times. When using formal address, the slave will refer to the Master as “the Master” or “He”, and to itself as “the slave” or “it”. When using familiar address, the slave will refer to the Master as “Sir” or “You”, and to itself as “i” or “me”. When speaking to others, the slave will refer to the Master as “my Master”, and to itself as “i” and “me”.
  • Whenever the Master or the slave enters a room in which the other is already present, the slave will immediately kneel and, when so directed, kiss the Master’s feet.
  • The Master will train the slave and the slave will always do his best to follow instructions. The slave will learn how to serve his Master’s every need and desire.
  • The slave will willingly accept punishment from the Master. It is meant to remind the slave of how he is to behave and perform his duties to Him.
  • The slave shall, at all times, respectfully request permission to take any action not expressly directed by the Master. A reason must be given for such actions at the time of the request.
  • The slave shall keep its mind concentrated upon service to the Master and shall demonstrate its acceptance of his role of service and availability at all times.
  • The slave will offer his body and mind to the Master at any time He desires to use it.
  • The slave will always strive to extend his limits to new heights so the Master can be increasingly proud of His property.
  • The slave will never lie to his Master.
  • The slave is to use the Master’s space with utmost respect and shall always leave any area he is permitted to use in a state of order and cleanliness. The slave shall not disturb any of Master’s personal belongings without express permission.
  • The slave will never wear underwear, except as the Master directs. It is an article of unnecessary clothing. If the slave works on the outside and must wear something, it will be a jockstrap. The slave will never touch its cock or balls without the Master’s permission.
  • The slave will never piss standing up. A slave is subservient to his Master and should not be so presumptuous as to imitate his Master. The Master pisses standing up, His slave does not. The slave will always sit on a toilet or squat down to piss. This will help serve as a reminder of who and what he is.
  • The Master will frequently enjoy Himself in ways that may cause the slave pain, although no harm. The slave will learn to accept and rejoice in the fact that it is able to perform that service for Him.
  • The slave will always wear what the Master determines to be the appropriate attire for any given situation. This may be as little as a jockstrap and slave collar, even in public. The fact that this may cause the slave embarrassment is of no concern.
  • The Master may give the slave “free periods” in His presence, during which the slave may express himself openly and freely. There will be no punishment applied during “free periods.” It is understood, however, that the slave must still address the Master with respect at all times, and that the slave may be punished for infractions of this rule.


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