2017-12-02 – The Cocksucker’s Pledge.



1. I WILL SWALLOW, unless otherwise instructed. A man’s cum deserves as much respect as the man himself. Swallowing reinforces the bond between man and cocksucker.

2. I WILL DEEPTHROAT to the best of my ability, regardless of whether I gag. A well-rounded cocksucker must master the use of his lips, tongue AND throat to maximize a man’s pleasure.

3. I WILL NOT USE MY HANDS unless instructed. My mouth is my sexual organ.

4. I WILL NOT TOUCH MYSELF when sucking a man’s Cock. His pleasure is my own. To suggest otherwise is deeply disrespectful.


6. I WILL MAKE MYSELF AVAILABLE, and service on his terms. A man should never have to jerk himself off when a cocksucker could do the job instead.

7. I WILL ALLOW HIM TO CALL ME NAMES, such as “faggot”, “cocksucker” and “slut”, regardless of whether I enjoy this. A cocksucker must accept his place on the sexual totem pole. Such names are a man’s way of claiming this superiority over a cocksucker.

8. I WILL CONTINUE TO SERVICE for as long as a man deems appropriate, whether minutes or hours, without complaint.

I pledge these things because I am a cocksucker; because I am in awe of men and am at their service; because it is their charity that allows me to even come close some sort of sexual fulfillment.

If this is you, hit me up

Yes SIR´s

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