2017-12-13 – New Steelwerks Extreme Chastity Device


New Steelwerks Extreme Chastity Device

Being patient is a virtue when you get a custom device made to your measure, and it’s totally worth the wait!

i’ve been always wanting the most prestigious device from Steelwerks Extreme, and finally made up my mind and took the measure at Folsom this year. i wanted it totally snug fit without room to grow, and chose the narrower tube that they rarely made.

The shipment required a signature but normally I’m not home to receive packages. i was like “fuck it, just ship to my office” and the next morning the device arrived before i came in. Without waiting i took the content to the bathroom and put it on… What a thrill!

This morning i locked it on properly and probably will not take it off any time soon…

First the base ring. Normally i get raging hard uncontrollably once it’s on. Took some serious mental effort to reduce it to semi-hard.

Looks like a snug turtle neck 🙂

Then the hardest trick – lock the L-shaped 0G PA tube with the cap on by twisting the slave dick hard as if it hadn’t been through too much…

Once it’s on, the PA tube does two things: secure the dick from pulling out, and channel the piss stream

Then the scrotum lock, which feels so good…

All screwed tight, and i’m screwed too (not complaining)

It probably would even allow me pee standing, but pulling out a shining metal dick in my office’s bathroom may draw too much attention…

Finally, i also found the best jeans cut if you want to still wear a bit snug/slim jeans when locked up – Diesel’s “carrot” cut. It gives more room on top around the crotch and gets tighter downwards.


Permanent Chastity as it was meant to be.

cooles teil

for me too

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