2017-12-20 – The male submissive spectrum


The male submissive spectrum

If a dominant Man has or uses another, submissive male, then that male appears somewhere on this spectrum.

The spectrum is not fixed and many submissives may move around between adjacent columns.  The percentages indicate the degree of submission.

  •  “Freedom” indicates the level of freedom the submissive has to chose how to live and what to do it is a measure of its level of independence from a Superior
  • “Rights” indicates the level of rights such as freedom to speak, freedom to act compared to an average human male is is a measure of how much it has not ceded fully to is Superiors
  • “Obedience” indicates how seriously it takes commands for its Superior and how extreme those commands can be it is a measure of how total its Superiors control over it is
  • “Limits” indicates the percentage of things it would refuse to do or things rather than just obeying it thinks about first.  it is a measure of how much of itself it is holding back

Pets are not shown but if submissive a puppy is probably nearest to a boy and a pony nearest to a slave.

faggot is a relatively new term and means different things to different Men.  Some Men may see a faggot as a pushy gay bottom only acting like a slave in return for sex and this is definitely what faggot used to mean.  Other Men may see a faggot as scum and lower than an even an object and this definition seems to be gaining popularity as the appropriate label for such an extreme male slave.  Becoming just an object is all but impossible so faggot is placed between slave and object here as the lowest achievable level for a submissive male.


I like this spectrum overall, but I don’t agree that object is impossible to achieve. I believe its the ultimate goal for the true slave.



Object is a fairly recent addition to all the terms we share in the BDSM world of Dominance and submission. An object exists at the lowest end of that spectrum. An object is the living example of absolute dehumanization and objectification.

A slave, a boy, a submissive can all have different expectations of their experience. Some are absolutely property, others not. Some are allowed outside lives, physical contact with others, etc. They are essentially human whether caged, beaten, abused or loved.

An object is NOT… all that is stripped away. IT is NOT anything, IT simply exists for whatever desire and purpose suits the need of ITs handler. While an object may have been born human, may even have been a slave, a boy or a submissive at any point in ITs life. Once IT becomes an object, all that is thrown away, IT simply exists.

Can an object become a slave, a boy, or a submissive? Perhaps, IT would largely depend on ITs own abilities and inner strength. Ultimately it is a brutal existence… over the long term IT will lose everything about itself that IT currently finds familiar… there is often no outside contact for IT… this will take its toll on IT in many ways.

This does not mean that an object is worthless, IT may be, rather it just means that an object is NOT permitted identity. IT is neither animal or human… some might call IT subhuman… others a gimp… a thing… I prefer the term object.


I’m an object


Master is currently training, conditioning and molding it to slide in it’s submission to Sir from slave, to faggot, to object.

I’m a slave to object.

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