2017-12-20 – Faggot Roulette


Faggot roulette was one of the most popular attractions at the club.  

For 20 dollars one of the 10 spots around the faggot wheel could be bought. Once the 10 Men, 10 cocks out, were in position, the 2 handlers would come and spin the wheel. 10 Men, 10 cocks, 1 faggot, 2 holes, 2 chances to win.  

The 2 Men who had a hole directly in front of them when the wheel stopped could use it, however they wanted, cock, dildo, fist, for 15 minutes. The rest had to make do with jerking off on it. 

The wheel was spun 3 times each hour. 1 faggot worked a 10 hour shift. 30 spins, 300 Men, 300 loads. 30 up its cunt, 30 down its throat. 6000 dollars for the Owners.


nice way to educate a new slave

BBC rules


That’s 4 spins per hour at 15 mins between each spin. 10 hour shift would be 80 (2 Holes x 4 spins per hour x 10 hours) potential Men and loads if every Man cums within 15 mins of winning a hole. That’s a maximum of 40 loads down the throat and 40 loads down the cunt and a maximum of $40 every 15 mins or $160 per hour or $1600 a shift.

It’s not at all hot if the fucking math is completely wrong…


@muscldog, i figured there would be a couple of minutes inbetween rounds for the admin and new Men to get in place, the actual spin takes about 1 dizzying  minute for the faggot, so assuming each Man takes their full 15 allocated minutes, 3 spins per hour seems more realistic. But you did make me smile, if your arithmetic compulsion is getting in the way of having a hot time then maybe you should get some help with that!

was geil, 10 stunden schwänze verwöhnen

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