2017-12-29 – Schweinekovenbau


An Answer to a Request

A follower asked me “Do you have any suggestions or lessons learned from building Your cell? We are considering doing the same with our garage.”

I do have some ideas that I’m happy to share. Some I did in my own cell, some I didn’t and wish I had.

1. Make sure it is uncomfortable! The slave should really feel his predicament every moment. All surfaces should be hard and rough, so he feels it against his skin in any position he’s put in.

2. Install plenty of attachment points along the walls, floor and ceiling. Make sure you can accommodate all your favorite bondage positions, then install attachment points between them. I like having D rings set into the wall near the floor, so I can cuff the slave to it and he’s sitting in the right position for a skullfuck.

3. It needs to be absolutely inescapable! My own cell has an iron barred gate with places for two padlocks. When a slave finds himself chained to the wall AND double locked in, he really feels the captivity he craves. He’ll also think “I’m fucked! What did I get myself into?”

4. All lighting should be on dimmer switches and controlled from the outside the cell. You decide if he’s in complete darkness, scary twilight, or painful, blazing light that keeps him up all night.

5. The temperature should be on the cool side. When you’re fucking him or whipping him, your exertions will keep you both warm enough, but when you leave him in there alone, you want him to feel his naked discomfort all over his skin. (You DO keep him naked, right?)

6. If you’re going to keep him in long-term captivity, you’ll want to install a video monitoring system and some sort of toilet facilities. To feed and water him, you can attach him to the wall with a chain just long enough to reach the gate, and you can feed him through the bars by hand. After you make him suck your dick and lick your boots.

Happy perving!


This. Bondage should be real, it should be inescapable. No choices, no way out.


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