2018-04-12 – On slave clothing



‘slaves are naked’ tends to be the standard, default rule, Master’s collar the only thing it proudly wears. it is displayed constantly, no privacy, every erection viewed, every mark or bruise accessible, every inch of its body vulnerable. Natural state for a slave, one it will quickly accept as how it should be, a constant reminder and indication of its status in service to real Men, Men who have the right to wear clothing, the right it willingly gave up. 

It may not always be practical though and we still live in a world where displaying a slave naked in the supermarket could unfortunately get slave and,  more importantly, Master arrested. 

It’s also true that some Masters have different preferences in terms of slave clothing. i’ve come across different variations over the years. With most Masters i’ve served, naked is still the rule but on occasions they might want Their slave to be attired differently, wear a specific ‘uniform’.  A small minority don’t want a naked slave at all. So i thought i’d share a few of the variations i’ve come across. 


Jock (with or without boots): A Master once told me that a jock ‘framed my ass beautifully, focused attention on it’. i can see the reasoning for a Master who has no interest in a slaves cock and wants it hidden away. Can help the slave feel more slutty. also has similar advantages to being naked, as most of the slaves body is still on display, accessible and vulnerable.


Filthy clothes: For a slave going through an extended period of degradation maybe? A slave that enjoyed designer wear and cologne when a free man? Humiliating but legal if sent out in public, forced to confront the disgusted faces of passers by, is constantly reminded by Master how filthy it is. After a week of sweating and pissing in the same shorts, socks and vest the slave truly feels like a dirty, stinking pig. Has learned another lesson. For the specific type of Master who can deal with the smell and gets enjoyment from debasing and educating the slave in this way.


slave rags: Ill-fitting, made of rough materials, possibly second hand from a thrift store. i did serve a Master part-time who had a stock of these sort of things which i had to put on whenever i arrived at His place. They were scratchy and uncomfortable. Sometimes too loose so i had to keep pulling them up, sometimes too tight. i just put on what were thrown at me. it was very clear they were worn by other slaves too.  These definitely don’t make you feel ‘special’, they are interchangeable, just like his slaves. 


loincloth/sacking: Similar to slave rags but could also be worn when fucking the slaves hole, nothing to take off, just lift the back flap and go. Also humiliating for the slave when it gets an erection, the front flap lifts up, exposing. i could imagine the Master who has the fantasy of Roman slaves enjoying dressing their slave in this. Would imagine its very itchy for the slave, which some Masters might enjoy. 


Specific fetish: If Master has a specific fetish for certain looks then the slave will soon have them too. Sports is a pretty common one but could be anything from schoolboy to chav, soldier to priest. Fairly self explanatory. Master wants to be Coach to the poorly performing player maybe or Headmaster to the boy caught smoking. the slave is dressed and will play its part as instructed. 


Leather slave: i see this separate from specific fetish clothes as such. True Leather Masters and slaves are part of a long tradition. The newbie slave would arrive and have to earn its leathers as its Master had probably done before it. The leather is a sense of profound pride for the slave and the Master who has put it there. T/they both love how it looks, feels, smells. the slave worships its Master’s leather, both wear it as a second skin. i indeed served a Master who would only have me in leather, nothing else. The status still clearly defined though by His leather jeans vs leather shorts. His leather jackets vs my leather vest. 


gimp: Usually rubber but occasionally leather or pvc. the slave that lives extended periods fully enclosed. Just holes for seeing and breathing, both of which could be covered for storage, sight removed, breathing through tubes. Zip over cunt for access to hole. i’ve only been in a gimp suit once, overnight, about 6 hours, locked away and on the floor next to a Doms bed whilst He slept. i do remember waking up in a panic, realising the restrictions and having to calm myself down, breathe deep, not panic. its very restricting, hot, takes away humanity, objectifying. i’m sure there’s more but beyond that i can’t comment as i know its a very big fetish for some and would have other deeper meanings beyond clothing. in fact i hesitated about including it but its a horny pic!


slave accessories: i once was made to wear just a bow tie to serve Master and His guests dinner. Honestly, for some reason i think it was more humiliating than being naked. it made me feel even more naked. Another time i remember having just small bells clipped onto to my nipples which rang whenever i moved about. i imagine their are hundreds of ways a creative Master could humiliate his slave with things like this…a tiny maids apron or bunny ears being good examples! 


Feminisation: A personal fear of mine and one i’ve thankfully never been ordered to do. is a slave man enough to do it and keep its ego in tact? i think that’s how i’d have to approach it, having my masculinity questioned is something i resist. ‘yes i can take more beatings, i’m a man’. i’m proud to be a slave, of my submission, i’d need to find a way to be proud of doing this…knowing it would greatly please a Master i was connected to would probably be enough. Primarily for humiliation, humbling a too cocky slave purposes i guess, but again not come across it personally so i may be missing something. Maybe there are Masters who genuinely want a fem slave not for humiliation  but just for their own needs. 


Chastity cage and practical clothing: Again not strictly clothing but adds another dimension of humiliation and control to the naked slave. Actually there’s another example here…the slave is allowed to use rubber gloves to assist its cleaning, other examples of practical clothing allowed for specific purposes might include: gloves for gardening; pads for extended kneeling and crawling outside; a maids apron for cooking; cap to prevent sunburn.


No underwear: This is a pretty standard one, underwear is an unnecessary item of clothing for a slave. if slaves are out and allowed clothing they will never have the privilege of underwear to hold their junk in place. Doesn’t matter if it’s cycling shorts or how big the rips in the jeans are. my first Master had me destroy all of my underwear in front of Him on the day of my collaring. it was just one way He immediately powerfully reinforced my status and His control.


Normal clothes: At the end of the day, its about control and lack of power, lack of choice for the slave. the slave may go to school, work, the gym and be completely unidentifiable as a slave but it will know, its Master will know. The slave doesn’t have the freedom to choose its own  clothing. it might be totally micro-managed by Master, who can play around with it as He wishes. Master owns the slave, Master owns the clothes, it is his prerogative to use them as He sees fit. He can use clothing to punish or to reward. 


Excellent, to read and find your way…


All good ideas

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