2018-07-31 – coole Schuhe


useful device for cornertime, isn’t it?


Just what exactly is this device ?


The device secures at the ankles the feet to a platform. The screws at the front of the ankles drive a spike into the front side of the ankle directly attacking the bone. The spikes in the base under the ankle restraints drive a spike directly into the heal sole on the bottom of the foot. The screws at the front edge of the platform have plates that sit on top of the toes and can be screwed down to provide crushing pressure across the toes.

This device was intended to cause extreme pain and damage.


Thank You @objectd for the great description. Sounds like my kind of device. When I transition my pain pig object, I want something such as this as it will destroy the feet so that it is in constant pain and never walks again. Be careful what the surrendering object wishes for.


Spanish boot used by the Inquisition. More feared than the rack.

coole schuhe 👍

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